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Hodge Flute Silk Swab Black


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The Flute Silk Swab, brought to you by Hodge Products. Made of 100% silk, this premium swab is designed to gently and effectively remove moisture from flutes after each use. The silk material is ultra absorbent, lint free and compressible, allowing it to glide through flutes of any bore size. Flutists of all levels, from students to professionals, trust the Flute Silk Swab to properly care for their instrument.

100% Silk Construction for Optimal Absorption
The Flute Silk Swab is made entirely from high quality silk, chosen specifically for its superior absorbency and gentle, non abrasive quality. The silk fibers soak up moisture and grime, leaving flutes clean and dry after swabbing. Unlike other materials that can leave behind lint or residue, silk is lint free. Its compressible nature also allows it to smoothly pass through flutes with even the narrowest of bores.

Variety of Weights for Different Flutes
Hodge Products offers the Flute Silk Swab in a range of weights to suit different flute types. The standard weight works for most C flutes, while heavier weights are available for larger flutes like the bass flute. The proper weight helps the swab glide through the flute, absorbing moisture along its entire length.

A Rainbow of Colors to Match Any Style
The Flute Silk Swab comes in a variety of vibrant colors so flutists can choose their favorite or match their flute's esthetics. Available colors include black, blue, green, purple, red and yellow. The color coding also helps flutists designate a swab for each of their flutes.
Trusted Worldwide for Flute Care
For over 30 years, the Flute Silk Swab has been the swab of choice for flutists across the globe, from students and amateurs to world renowned professionals. Its high quality silk construction and variety of options have made it the most trusted swab for properly and thoroughly caring for flutes. For the best swab to keep your flute clean and performing its best, choose the Flute Silk Swab.