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Isonode Pro Anti-Vibration Feet - Large (4-Pack) Standard


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Voted Accessory of the Year and Product of the Year in 2007.

The IsoNode Pro isolation feet provide a cost-effective upgrade for your studio and live sound gear. The unique IsoNode polymer rejects a wide range of vibration that would enter from underneath the component. The highly compliant IsoNode simultaneously acts as both a liquid and a solid for superior vibration control. Adhesive backing included. The large size are each 1-1/4" x 3/4" tall each and hold 40 lb. per set of four like this 4-pack.

When you add the IsoNode Pro feet to your studio equipment and stage gear, the first thing you will notice is superior resolution, increased clarity, dynamics and more extended bass response. As you listen, more subtle improvements can be perceived: greater dimension, depth, enhanced soundstage, smoothness and detail emerge from your equipment. In fact, every aspect of your recordings, playback, and live performance is significantly improved. Eliminating vibration and resonance has a profound effect.

Which component benefits the most from IsoNode feet? In the studio the source (recorder, digital player, laptop, etc.) typically exhibits the greatest benefit, but all of the components in your system will improve by adding the IsoNode Pro feet. Your monitors, especially, are in critical need of IsoNode feet as they are the main source of harmful vibration. On stage, guitar and bass amps, mixers, processors, amplifiers, speakers, and DJ equipment all benefit from IsoNode Pro feet.

If your component exceeds the weight limit of a set of IsoNode feet, you can easily add additional IsoNode Pro feet under a component to increase the weight capacity. Each large IsoNode foot holds 10 lb. maximum and each small IsoNode foot holds 5 lb. maximum.

Even if your component weighs less than 30 lb., the large IsoNode feet do have a greater ability to absorb harmful vibration than do the small IsoNode feet. The small IsoNode feet are best if you have height restrictions in your cabinet or want to maintain a lower budget.

Isolation Theory
Say something. Now cover your ears with your hands and say the same thing again. Sounds different, doesn't it? "Of course," you say, "my ears are covered!" Of course, you're right, but what you're still hearing are vibrations being transmitted directly from your voice box-the tissue of your body is absorbing and releasing the energy from your throat to your ears. Now play something on your home theater system and cover and uncover your ears. Even with ears covered you are still able to hear the music directly through the air from the speaker. In addition, some vibrational energy may be reaching you through the floor and chair in which you are sitting-especially from the subwoofer.

Your CD or digital recorder/player is like your body and the equipment stand is like your chair. As the system plays the chassis is absorbing the radiated energy through the air and the conducted energy through the floor and stand. The chassis starts to resonate and conducts these vibrations into the digital disc, the player's electronic circuitry and the mechanical parts. As these parts vibrate, the information the player is reproducing becomes contaminated. As jitter in the digital bitstream increases, microphonics from the electronic circuits and mechanical parts induce a ghost image over the original signal, wreaking havoc with tonality, bass response and dynamics as well as increasing the noise floor.

How do we best control unwanted vibration and resonance? By eliminating harmful vibration, resonance, and noise at the source and playback components. Individually isolating each component in the system to eliminate the harmful effects of loudspeaker vibration, AC and heating systems, traffic, etc., allows your studio and live gear to be experienced uncompromised by vibration and resonance.

Adding the IsoNode Pro feet presents a high-tech barrier to absorb harmful vibration before it can contaminate your system. Eliminating vibration and resonance has a profound effect: depth, imaging, tonality, dynamics, low frequency extension, detail, clarity, and dimension are all enhanced. In fact, every aspect of your system is significantly improved.

Bright Star vibration control products have been nominated four times by Stereophile for Accessory of the Year, Editor's Choice by The Abso!ute Sound and Fi Magazine, three times for the Golden Note Award by The Academy, rated Best of the Year by The Abso!ute Sound, Product of the Year by Soundstage!, five times voted Component of Merit by Bound for Sound, rated Cream Of The Crop by The Abso!ute Sound and listed in Recommended Component.


4 large IsoNode Pro anti-vibration feet