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Jones Artist Series Bassoon Reeds Medium-Hard


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Refined and tested by a expert.

Brought to you by Jones, the 201A Artist Series Bassoon Reed is now available. Crafted from select French cane and robotically cut for unparalleled consistency, each reed is then hand-finished and tested by Jones artists to ensure superior performance across the bassoon's full range. Discerning bassoonists seeking reeds suited for nuanced playing will appreciate the 201A Artist Series Bassoon Reed's peerless responsiveness, enhanced stability and panoply of available articulations.

Robotically Cut Cane Selected for Optimal Density
The 201A Artist Series Bassoon Reed begins with cane chosen for ideal fiber density to produce a reed with superb tonal qualities and immediate response. Jones' precision robotic cutting equipment then shapes each reed to exacting specifications for consistency from reed to reed. Though machine-cut, every reed is finished and tested by hand to meet Jones' stringent quality standards before being approved for sale.

Enhanced Stability For Effortless Control
Where standard reeds may waver in pitch or require constant adjustment, the 201A Artist Series Bassoon Reed offers enhanced stability for a steady, controlled performance. Its superior construction and hand-finishing provide reeds that seat firmly and hold their strength over time for reliable, consistent response. Players can focus on expression rather than worrying about the reed, allowing for a seamless translation of artistic ideas into sound.

Three Strengths For Personalized Performance
The 201A Artist Series Bassoon Reed is available in three strengths—medium soft, medium and medium hard—to suit individual playing styles, instruments and musical demands. No matter the strength chosen, each reed delivers peerless tonal qualities, articulation and dynamic range. Discerning bassoonists seeking a reed able to keep up with their most complex techniques need look no further than the 201A Artist Series Bassoon Reed.

Premium Protection and Presentation
As befits a reed of this caliber, the 201A Artist Series Bassoon Reed comes handsomely packaged in a protective plastic case for freshness and safekeeping between uses. An included reed care and maintenance guide provides instructions for getting the most out of your reeds. For the finest in bassoon reeds, the Jones 201A Artist Series Bassoon Reed is available to order today.