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Jones Oboe Reed Medium Hard


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Brought to you by Jones Reed Company, the 101 Oboe Reed is specially designed for oboists just starting out. Carefully crafted from high-quality French cane, this reed features an American long scrape for increased stability and ease of play. The 101 Oboe Reed produces a warm, focused tone in the standard range of the instrument, allowing beginners to develop proper embouchure and breath control. Hand-tested and adjusted, each reed is tuned to A440 for seamless integration into any ensemble. For oboists looking to establish a solid foundation, the 101 Oboe Reed is an ideal first reed.

Premium Cane Construction Promotes Steady, Controlled Sound
At the heart of the 101 Oboe Reed is cane sourced from the finest regions of France. This high-quality cane is carefully selected and cut to precise specifications, then finished by skilled craftsmen using advanced reed machinery. The result is a reed with a balanced resistance and clear, centered tone that allows beginners to play steadily through a range of dynamics. The American long scrape further enhances stability for accurate pitch and minimizes the need for constant adjustment.

Multiple Strengths Suit Various Embouchures
Available in medium-soft, medium and medium-hard, the 101 Oboe Reed comes in several strengths to accommodate different embouchure types and stages of development. The medium-soft reed provides minimal resistance for beginners still developing breath control and embouchure muscles. As technique improves, oboists can progress to the medium and medium-hard reeds. With multiple strengths to choose from, the 101 Oboe Reed ensures beginners have the right reed for their current level.

Hand Testing Ensures Quality and Consistency
Each 101 Oboe Reed undergoes hand testing before leaving the factory to ensure the highest quality and consistency. Reeds that do not meet strict standards are discarded. This tight quality control results in reeds that play and respond uniformly, giving beginners predictable resistance and tone from reed to reed. Oboists can focus on fundamentals rather than adjusting to inconsistencies between reeds.

The Complete Package for Starting Oboists
With premium cane construction, multiple strengths, and hand testing, the 101 Oboe Reed provides everything beginners need to get started on oboe. An ideal first reed, the 101 Oboe Reed lays a solid foundation for developing proper technique and beautiful tone. Begin your oboe journey with the 101 Oboe Reed.


  • Made of cane grown in southern France, aged and processed for optimal performance
  • Individually tested by oboists to ensure superior tone quality and intonation
  • Available in 3 strengths suitable for most beginning oboists
  • Requires moistening before playing for maximum reed life
  • Compatible with most standard oboes
  • Long Scrape also known as American Scrape
  • Tied on a 47 mm staple
  • Individually inspected and adjusted