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KJOS Bastien Piano Basics Piano Primer Standard


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A dynamic introduction to piano for budding musicians.

The Bastien Piano Basics Piano Primer provides a solid foundation for beginner piano students. This comprehensive course presents piano instruction in a carefully graded, step-by-step sequence to ensure steady progress. Students learn proper fingering and technique through original compositions in a variety of musical styles, from pop and folk to classical. The Bastien method's gradual multi-key approach introduces students to all 12 major and minor keys over four levels of books.

Engaging Music Motivates Practice and Progress
Beginners stay engaged and motivated with the Bastien Piano Basics Piano Primer's mix of over 100 original exercises, etudes and compositions in popular styles. Full-color illustrations demonstrate fingering, rhythm and notation. Duets provide opportunities for ensemble playing, an important part of musical development.

A Visual Approach to Note Reading and Rhythm
The Bastien Piano Basics Piano Primer introduces note reading through a logical, step-by-step progression from pre-staff notation to the grand staff. Students first learn steps, skips and repeated notes, then advance to simple time signatures and rhythms. The visual presentation of concepts reinforces learning.

Companion Books Round Out the Method
The Bastien Piano Basics course correlates the Piano Primer with Theory, Performance and Technic books to provide a comprehensive education. Students gain a solid understanding of rhythm, notation, fingering and technique. The multi-sensory Bastien approach stimulates a lifelong love of music.

For Beginners of All Ages
The Bastien Piano Basics Piano Primer is tailored for beginners aged 7 to 11, but students of all ages will benefit from its gradual, logical progression. With the right combination of engaging music, visuals and skill-building exercises, the Bastien method makes learning piano fun and rewarding.

Begin your piano journey with the Bastien Piano Basics Piano Primer today.