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KJOS Standard Of Excellence Book 1 Flute Standard


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The Standard Of Excellence Book 1 for Flute from Neil A. Kjos is a comprehensive band method designed to cultivate superior technique and artistry in developing flutists. Created by renowned educator Bruce Pearson, this acclaimed series balances performance and theory for a well-rounded musical education. From basic fingering and breath control to advanced techniques like vibrato and altissimo, the Standard Of Excellence methodically progresses students through essential skills. Music theory, history, composition, and interdisciplinary studies supplement the curriculum for a robust learning experience. The included Multimedia Library provides accompaniments and exercises for convenient at-home practice. For band directors seeking an engaging and effective teaching tool, the Standard Of Excellence Book 1 Flute is the premier choice.

A Graduated Course in Flute Performance
The Standard Of Excellence Book 1 for Flute leads students through proper hand position, embouchure formation, and breath control before advancing to articulation, slurs, and basic scales. Step-by-step instruction and musical exercises reinforce new techniques to build proficiency and confidence. By Book 1's conclusion, students will have mastered several major scales, basic sight-reading, and a range of performance pieces in styles from baroque to contemporary. This graduated approach makes the Standard Of Excellence series ideal for beginners while offering enough depth for intermediate players.

Comprehensive Theory and Composition
Beyond performance, the Standard Of Excellence provides a robust music education. Students explore rhythm, pitch, and harmony through reading, writing, and improvisation exercises. Listening examples from master composers supplement discussions of form, tempo, dynamics, and timbre. With guidance, students can compose their own short pieces. This holistic curriculum fosters a deep understanding and appreciation for the language of music.

Convenient Multimedia Resources
The Standard Of Excellence series includes an online Multimedia Library with recordings for all exercises and pieces. Play-along tracks allow students to rehearse with accompaniment at their own pace. Tuning notes and metronome functions provide useful tools for home practice. Directors and students can access audio examples to demonstrate techniques and gain exposure to various music genres. These multimedia resources create an interactive learning environment beyond the page.

A Trusted Method for Band Educators
Used by band programs across the country, the Standard Of Excellence series is a staple of music education. Its comprehensive and graduated approach suits school bands of all levels. Directors appreciate the series' focus on both performance and theory as well as its versatility for both group and individual instruction. For developing student musicians, the Standard Of Excellence Book 1 Flute provides a solid foundation in flute playing and a rewarding musical experience.