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KJOS Standard Of Excellence Book 1 Trumpet Standard


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The Standard of Excellence Book 1 Trumpet provides trumpet players with an unparalleled foundation in performance and theory. This innovative band method combines a performance-focused curriculum with music theory, history, ear training, composition, and interdisciplinary studies for a complete learning experience. The included multimedia library offers an online classroom with exercises, accompaniments, and tunings to enhance at-home practice. Gain access to a full-featured recording studio and tuner through Pyware's Interactive Practice Studio for a personalized learning environment. This superior band method is used by band directors and students nationwide to develop well-rounded trumpet skills. The Standard of Excellence Book 1 Trumpet will propel your playing to new heights.

Master Performance Techniques
At the core of this method is a performance-oriented approach to build strong fundamental skills. Follow guided lessons to develop proper hand positioning, breathing, articulation, and fingering techniques. Play along with recordings of full band and small ensemble arrangements to gain real-world experience. Sheet music for trumpet solos, duets, and full band pieces allow you to showcase your skills. Practice tools like rhythm flashcards, fingering charts, and scale exercises cement proper form and muscle memory.

Gain a Solid Foundation in Music Theory
This comprehensive method covers essential music theory concepts to strengthen your understanding of trumpet playing. Learn to read sheet music, understand time signatures and note values, and identify notes on the staff. Study the fundamentals of rhythm, tempo, dynamics, and expressive elements. Explore major and minor scales, intervals, and key signatures. Put your knowledge into action by transposing pieces and improvising your own short compositions. This method's innovative approach to theory through performance will enhance your musicality and elevate your skills.

Utilize Cutting-Edge Interactive Tools
The included multimedia library provides an online classroom to strengthen lessons through interactive exercises, accompaniments, and tunings. Gain unlimited access to Pyware's Interactive Practice Studio, which features a full-featured recording studio and tuner for personalized guidance. Record yourself playing and compare against professional trumpet samples to identify areas of improvement. The interactive tuner provides visual feedback on your pitch accuracy and tone quality for focused practice. These innovative tools create an immersive learning environment to accelerate your progress between lessons.

Develop Cultural Appreciation Through Diverse Repertoire
This method exposes you to a wide range of repertoire to build musical diversity. Pieces in styles from classical and jazz to marches and world music develop an appreciation for different genres. Exposure to music from various time periods and regions around the world establishes a well-rounded understanding of trumpet's role. Play famous pieces by trumpet masters to gain insight into their techniques and skill. This culturally diverse curriculum produces a versatile trumpeter ready to perform in any style.