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JK Tradition Of Excellence Book 1 for Clarinet Standard


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A revolutionary band method for today's students.

The Tradition of Excellence Book 1 for Clarinet is a groundbreaking curriculum designed with today's learners in mind. Created by veteran music educators Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin, this comprehensive yet flexible band method seamlessly blends time-honored pedagogy with contemporary techniques. The result is an engaging and rewarding learning experience for students at any level.

Interactive Software Transforms Practice
Tradition of Excellence includes the Interactive Practice Studio, an innovative software with tools for personalized learning. Video lessons, digital flashcards, an electronic tuner and accompaniments engage students and make practice enjoyable and effective. The software works on both desktop and mobile so students can study and rehearse whenever and wherever they like.

Carefully Paced Lessons Ensure Steady Progress
Meticulously crafted lessons move at a smooth and gradual pace, allowing students to master new concepts before advancing. While keeping students challenged, the method builds a solid foundation in instrumental technique, music reading and theory. Regular review is built into the curriculum, reinforcing learning and instilling confidence.

DVDs Provide Visual Guidance
Clarinet-specific DVDs give students a visual demonstration of proper fingering, embouchure formation and breathing technique. Seeing the instrument in action helps convey concepts that can be difficult to explain in print alone. The DVDs make learning the clarinet more accessible and help students develop essential skills correctly from the start.

Tools for Differentiated Learning Meet Every Student's Needs
Tradition of Excellence provides numerous resources for adapting lessons to students' abilities and learning styles. Supplementary books for beginners, ensembles and soloists allow teachers to tailor instruction to individuals. The method's flexible structure also gives educators freedom to pick and choose lessons as needed to match students' progress.

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  • Three unique starting systems
  • Differentiated instruction and learning allowing you to customize your teaching
  • Pedagogically sound two-page lessons
  • Sounds-before-symbol rhythm introduction
  • Scales, technical studies, chop builders, warm-ups, rhythm studies, and sight-reading
  • Solos, duets, rounds, band pieces, and ensembles, including three built-in concert programs
  • Comprehensive Standards-based curriculum
  • Color coding connects new concepts with the music
  • Rhythm introductions adaptable to any counting system
  • Nine-page Oboe starting system
  • Expanded Horn book with F and B fingerings
  • All-in-one Percussion book
  • Repertoire from across time and around the world
  • Built-in written and performance assessment
  • Theory, composition, ear training, improvisation, orchestration, conducting, and history in every student book
  • Historical and interdisciplinary worksheets and teaching guides
  • Ready-to-use lesson plans
  • Multiple-option ensemble scoring
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-use Conductor Score
  • Score Companion: Teaching Band with Excellence: a Comprehensive Curricular, Pedagogical, and Administrative Resource-an indispensable aid to the teacher.
  • Revolutionary Interactive Practice Studios and Interactive Teacher Studio that offer intuitive virtual student and teacher environments
  • State-of-the-art accompaniment recordings
  • Instrument-specific DVDs containing video lessons, accompaniments, and importable audio files