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KTS Titanium Nashville Style Tune-O-Matic Bridge Saddle Set Titanium


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Titanium saddles engineered for Gibson guitars with precision and durability.

The KTS Titanium Nashville Style Tune-O-Matic bridge saddle set provides a durable yet lightweight upgrade for your guitar. With titanium construction, these saddles are resistant to weathering and corrosion while reducing excess weight on your guitar's bridge for enhanced sustain and tonal clarity. You'll appreciate the precise intonation adjustments as you shape your tone. Installation is straightforward by simply removing your stock saddles and replacing them with the KTS set, then fine-tuning the height and intonation for your preferred action and tuning stability. For discerning players seeking vintage-style tones, the KTS Titanium Nashville Style Tune-O-Matic bridge saddle set is an ideal solution.


  • Titanium saddles match Gibson BR-030 and TonePros TP6 bridges
  • Trim to match string pitch with diamond file
  • 6 pieces, M3 X 0.5 thread, 8.8m/m wide, 10.0m/m high, 3.0m/m thick