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Kun Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest 4/4 Black


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The shoulder rest that moves with you.

The Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest delivers a tailored fit for any violinist. Fully adjustable for height, width and pitch, this shoulder rest molds to your body, allowing you to find your ideal playing position. Its contoured, foam-padded shoulder area cushions your collarbone, distributing weight evenly for hours of comfortable practice or performance. When done, the collapsible legs fold up neatly for storage in your violin case.

Adjusts to Your Unique Body and Playing Style
Whether you have broad shoulders or a narrow frame, the Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest adapts to you. Easily raise, lower, widen or narrow the rest until your violin is perfectly balanced and supported. Change the pitch to suit your playing technique and achieve the ideal angle for smooth bowing and fingering. This shoulder rest moves with you, ensuring fatigue-free playing and freedom of movement.

Cradles Your Violin Gently Yet Firmly
The Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest's rubber-capped feet securely but gently grip your violin. Its design distributes weight across the ribs and back of the instrument, preventing slipping while protecting the finish. You can concentrate on your performance without worrying your violin will shift or rock. This shoulder rest provides a stable platform so you can play with confidence.

Collapses for Convenient Storage and Transport
When done playing, the Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest's legs fold up, condensing it into a compact shape that fits inside your violin case. No more struggling to arrange an awkwardly shaped rest around your instrument. Collapsed, this shoulder rest adds almost no bulk so you can carry your violin comfortably wherever you go. Deploy and adjust the rest in seconds when you're ready to play again.

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