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Kun Original Viola Shoulder Rest (15+") Standard


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A custom-fit solution for unencumbered playing.

The Original Viola Shoulder Rest by KUN provides violists with an easy way to find their optimal playing position. Fully adjustable for height, width and pitch, it offers custom comfort for 15" and larger violas. Its contoured shoulder area and padded foam cradle the instrument comfortably during long practice sessions and performances. Securely attaching to the outside bouts of the viola, it provides firm support without damaging the finish.

Adjusts to Your Ideal Specifications
Finding the perfect fit for your body and playing style is effortless with the Original Viola Shoulder Rest. Adjust the height, width and pitch using the simple mechanisms on each foot until your viola is balanced and secure. Once in place, it remains firmly where you put it, enabling you to focus on your technique and expression rather than constantly readjusting your shoulder rest.

Ergonomic Design Reduces Fatigue
The contoured shape and padded foam of the shoulder rest cradle your viola comfortably, minimizing muscle strain during long practice sessions and performances. Its streamlined design avoids unnecessary bulk while still providing complete support. The result is an ergonomic shoulder rest that allows for complete freedom of movement as you play.

Attaches Securely Without Damage
The soft rubber feet of the Original Viola Shoulder Rest grip onto the outside bouts of your viola without scratching or marring the finish. Once in place, the shoulder rest remains firmly attached, enabling energetic and expressive playing without fear of it slipping or causing damage. Its simplistic yet thoughtful design provides ideal functionality for violists at any skill level.

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