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Legere Signature Baritone Saxophone Reed Strength 2.0


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A durable yet responsive reed designed for expressive playing.

The Signature Baritone Saxophone Reed from Legere is a high-performance reed made of an advanced synthetic material that provides the vibrant tone of natural cane reeds with superior durability. Its proprietary formula allows for a reed that is substantially thinner and stiffer than traditional cane reeds, resulting in effortless response and articulation across all registers of the baritone saxophone. The unique tip design produces a crisp attack and resonant overtones suited for both jazz and classical playing.

Nearly Indestructible Yet Highly Responsive
The Legere Signature reed is constructed from a specialized polymer that is resistant to weather, temperature changes and warping over time. Its durable nature allows players to focus on expressive playing rather than time spent shaping or replacing reeds. Despite its hardiness, the reed remains highly responsive with a flexible tip that produces colorful overtones and nuanced phrasing with minimal effort required.

Available in a Range of Strengths
Legere Signature reeds are offered in a variety of strengths from 2.5 to 4.0 to suit different embouchures and playing styles. The reed strength refers to the thickness of the reed, with higher numbers indicating a stiffer reed. Players can choose a softer reed for warmer, darker tone or a stiffer reed for increased projection and articulation. With the range of strengths available, baritone saxophonists are able to find their ideal match.

Ideal for Professionals and Students Alike
The Legere Signature reed is a preferred choice of professional musicians for its superb tonal qualities and durability. However, its high performance does not mean it is unsuitable for students. The reed requires minimal adjustment to play, allowing students to focus on fundamentals rather than reed care. Its availability in a range of strengths also makes it accessible to players of all levels. The Legere Signature reed is an ideal option for any baritone saxophonist seeking an expressive, consistent reed.

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