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Legere Signature Series Tenor Saxophone Reed 2


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A warm, rich tone in all registers.

Made from the highest-grade cane, the Signature Series reed produces deep, resonant tones with a quick response for expressive playing. Its medium-soft strength offers a balanced tone that projects while remaining highly playable. As the reed of choice for discerning saxophonists around the world, the Signature Series reed is now available.

Select Cane Provides Optimal Tonal Qualities
The Signature Series reed is constructed from premium cane that has been carefully selected for its tonal characteristics. This prized cane produces a warm yet focused tone with rich overtones, allowing the saxophone's full tonal potential to shine through. The cane is expertly cured to achieve the perfect moisture content for a reed that is highly responsive without sacrificing tone. The result is a reed that makes playing feel effortless while enabling the creation of a wide range of tones.

Medium-Soft Strength Offers Versatile Playability
With a medium-soft strength of 3, the Signature Series reed provides a balanced and highly playable experience for saxophonists of all levels. Its moderately soft cut allows for a full, resonant tone with a quick response, making it suitable for any style of playing. The medium-soft strength also gives players more tonal control and flexibility, enabling the creation of both bright and dark timbres as needed. For a reed that inspires expressive and nuanced playing, the medium-soft Signature Series is an ideal choice.

Precision Craftsmanship and Strict Quality Control
The Signature Series reed is crafted using state-of-the-art machinery and techniques to achieve the highest standards of quality and consistency. Each reed is individually cut, shaped, and tested to ensure maximum playability and tonal excellence. Only reeds that meet the strictest specifications for cut, strength, and tone are approved for sale. This meticulous craftsmanship and rigorous quality control are what set the Signature Series reed apart, delivering premium performance that saxophonists can rely on.