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About Lighting & Stage Effects

The field of lighting and stage effects is an exciting one - not only to the audiences who can enjoy the show but also to the DJs and stage managers who have the privilege of creating it in the first place. And although no two stage shows are exactly alike they all begin with a foundation of lighting effects. The most basic components in these are wash lights and PAR cans which create wide floods of color changed using filtered lenses or dynamic multi-color LED lighting systems. From this base designing a customized lighting setup is a matter of adding accentuating effects. They can be simple such as strobe lights and mirror balls or more advanced as is the case with projector-type units and laser lighting effects producing high-energy moving light patterns that build excitement on the stage or dance floor.

For those wishing to add a third dimension practical stage effects offer a few powerful methods. The most common of these is undoubtedly the fog machine which is a natural partner for laser lights since the fog will make the laser's path visible in midair - an incredibly immersive experience for the audience. Other options include bubble machines for a more lighthearted atmosphere and snow machines which are excellent for winter-themed shows. All of these effects and the controllers and mounting hardware to support them are available from a variety of manufacturers including Elation, Chauvet, American DJ, and Global Truss.