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Lyons Metallophone Diatonic Soprano


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Resonant and versatile, an ideal introduction to Orff instruments.

The Lyons Metallophone offers an affordable yet high-quality option for educators looking to bring the joy of Orff instruments into their classrooms. With its chambered wood box and hand-tuned aluminum tone bars, the Metallophone produces a bright, resonant sound that inspires creativity. The bass, alto and soprano models provide a full three-octave range, giving students the opportunity to explore a variety of scales and melodies.

Chambered Wood Box Enhances the Natural Tone
At the heart of the Metallophone's superb tone is its chambered wood box. The hollow body amplifies the natural resonance of the aluminum tone bars, resulting in a sound that rings clearly with overtones. The wood construction also gives the instrument a classic look that fits perfectly in any music classroom.

Hand-Lathed Aluminum Tone Bars Provide a Bright, Steady Sound
The Metallophone features 25 hand-lathed aluminum tone bars that produce a bright, resonant tone with a quick decay. The consistent quality and tuning of the bars allow students to play confidently, focusing on technique and creativity rather than adjusting for inconsistent tones. The aluminum material also ensures durability that will last through years of enthusiastic use.

Identification Labels and Extra Bars Expand Playability
To support student learning, each tone bar features its note name engraved on top. The set also includes extra F-sharp and B-flat bars so students can play in the keys of C, F and G major. With these additions, students gain exposure to different tonalities and key signatures to build a solid foundation in music theory and performance.
Choose From Three Pitch Ranges
With bass, alto and soprano models available, the Metallophone can suit students of all ages and skill levels. The bass range from C3 to A4 is ideal for younger students, while the alto (C4 to A5) and soprano (C5 to A6) provide more advanced options for older students. No matter which range you choose, the Lyons Metallophone delivers an engaging tool for creative expression in the music classroom.

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  • Aluminum tone bars 
  • A442 tuning
  • 16-note engraved bars, C3 to A4 (Bass)
  • 16-note engraved bars, C4 to A5 (Alto)
  • 16-note engraved bars, C5 to A6 (Soprano)
  • Additional F# and Bb bars
  • One-pin mounting
  • All-glue construction
  • Includes bell mallets