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Lyons Premium 3-Piece Soprano Recorder Brown


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A durable soprano recorder designed for beginners and educators.

The Lyons Premium 3-Piece Soprano Recorder is engineered to produce a pure, resonant tone ideal for students and teachers. Its curved windway and precise A=440 tuning ensure accurate intonation and a pleasing sound throughout its range. Crafted from impact-resistant ABS plastic, this three-piece soprano recorder can withstand heavy use and even trips through the dishwasher.

Curved Windway Promotes Better Breath Control and Intonation
The Lyons Premium Soprano Recorder features an innovative curved windway that makes it easier to produce a clear, focused tone. Its design helps beginners develop proper breath control and supports accurate intonation as students learn. The windway's shape contributes to the instrument's full, resonant sound that carries well in classroom settings.

Precisely Tuned for Optimal Intonation
Accurately tuned to the standard A=440 pitch, the Lyons Premium Soprano Recorder produces the correct intonation for each note. Its precise tuning helps students develop a strong sense of pitch and the ability to play in tune. The recorder's tuning also allows it to blend well with other instruments in an ensemble.

Virtually Indestructible ABS Plastic Body
Constructed from durable ABS plastic, the Lyons Premium Soprano Recorder is designed to withstand heavy use by students. Its material is impact-resistant and dishwasher-safe, allowing for easy cleaning when needed. The recorder's ABS plastic body gives teachers confidence in selecting it for their classrooms knowing it can endure the demands of group instruction and individual practice over many years of use.

Includes Essential Accessories
The Lyons Premium Soprano Recorder comes with a storage bag, fingering chart and cleaning rod. These useful accessories provide everything students need to properly care for and learn to play their recorders. The included fingering chart serves as a helpful reference for beginners as they develop mastery over the instrument.

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  • Soprano Recorder
  • Reusable storage bag
  • Fingering chart
  • Cleaning rod