Item #1580110 Model #S3MBK433-FS-DB

Mojotone Bill Kelliher Hellbender Humbucker Pickup F-Spaced Bridge Set Black


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Signature pickup set of Mastadon guitarist Bill Kelliher.

Bill Kelliher, guitarist for the band Mastodon, worked with Mojotone to create his ultimate signature pickup, the Hellbender. The Hellbender is a raw and menacing beast with a capacity for the most visceral riffs intertwined with an articulate and open side for lush clean tones. This pickup set was designed for the duality of brutality and beauty, and with complex tones comes complex design and innovation. The Hellbender's distributed coil design utilizes two different wire gauges for increased dynamics and smooth coil-tapped tones. Two different Alnico grades (2 and 5) are used to individually voice the neck and bridge pickups perfectly for complex tones and articulation with higher gain settings and inspiring cleans. Finally, ceramic magnets are blended in with the Alnico magnets to achieve tighter attack, more output and just the right amount of sustain when kicked into overdrive. This is an F-spaced bridge pickup.