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MXR M242 Iso-Brick Pro Power Supply Standard


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Versatile isolated power for clear, dependable pedal performance.

The MXR M242 Iso-Brick Pro power supply brings versatility and reliability to powering your pedalboard. With the M242, you can run all your stompboxes with isolated, noise-free 9V DC power. Its eight outputs provide flexible voltage options to suit analog drives, digital delays, stereo modulation effects and more. There's even a high-current output for hungry multi-effects processors from Line 6, Eventide and others. Despite its robust power delivery, the M242 maintains a slim profile that fits under most pedalboards for a clean setup. For guitarists and bassists alike, the MXR M242 Iso-Brick Pro power supply is a trustworthy companion on stage and in the studio.

Power Any Pedalboard With Fully Isolated Outputs

The M242 was designed for versatility. It equips you with eight isolated outputs to eliminate crosstalk and noise when powering your pedals. You get two 9V DC outputs at 500mA to drive higher-current pedals, plus four 9V DC outputs at 300mA for typical stompboxes. Two additional outputs are switchable between 9, 12 and 18V DC at 500mA to accommodate a wide range of effects. An 18V DC link output at 2A lets you connect two power supplies together for additional capacity. With the M242, you can build your ideal pedalboard with confidence that clean, steady power is available for every stompbox.

Dedicated High-Current Output for Digital Multi-Effects

In addition to its eight main outputs, the M242 provides a dedicated 9V DC output at 1.5A. This high-current feed is perfect for power-hungry digital multi-effects units. With the M242 supplying robust power, you can run an advanced FX unit alongside all your favorite analog and digital stompboxes without worry. Your delay tails will remain pristine and preset switching will be fast.

Compact Design Fits Under Most Pedalboards

The M242 Iso-Brick packs tremendous capability into a slim, pedalboard-friendly unit. It fits under most popular pedalboards. The M242 comes complete with mounting brackets and hardware for quick installation. With its low profile, the Iso-Brick Pro leaves plenty of room for all your favorite pedals while keeping cables neatly managed.

Gig and Record With Confidence

On stage or in the studio, guitarists and bassists need consistency and reliability from their effects. The MXR M242 delivers with efficient circuitry and solid construction. Its outputs remain stable even when using multiple high-current digital pedals. With the M242 mounted underneath, your pedalboard becomes a robust standalone rig. Simply plug in your instrument and XLR cable to the PA or audio interface and you're ready to gig or record with confidence.