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P. Mauriat Le Bravo 200B Intermediate Baritone Saxophone Standard


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Pro baritone with a mix of alloys.

The P. Mauriat Le Bravo 200B baritone saxophone fuses vintage tone with modern playability. crafted from gleaming matte finish gold brass, the Le Bravo 200B produces a warm, resonant sound with serious punch, thanks to its nickel silver Super VI neck. Intermediate players will appreciate the Le Bravo 200B's responsive feel, solid intonation and full-bodied voice. The P. Mauriat Le Bravo 200B baritone saxophone delivers a powerful performance for advancing musicians.

Nickel Silver Super VI Neck Provides Serious Punch
The Le Bravo 200B baritone saxophone features P. Mauriat's nickel silver Super VI neck, renowned for its wide bore taper and free-blowing design. The Super VI neck gives the Le Bravo 200B a broad, bright tone with high-octane punch. Its wider taper also provides a responsive feel, allowing you to explore the Le Bravo 200B's full range of dynamics and timbres. From breathy and sweet to raspy and robust, the Super VI neck gives you total control over your sound.

Ribbed Body Construction Delivers Resonance and Control
The Le Bravo 200B baritone saxophone employs ribbed body construction, integrating its key posts into a single plate. This gives the instrument's tube greater mass and rigidity, producing a solid fundamental tone with rich overtones. While ribbed construction provides moderate resistance, it gives experienced players an "extra gear" for enhanced dynamic range and expression. You can push the Le Bravo 200B to achieve a commanding sound.

Handcrafted with Vintage Character
Like all P. Mauriat saxophones, the Le Bravo 200B baritone is handcrafted using proprietary techniques that highlight its vintage-flavored tone. P. Mauriat hand-hammers each body up to 400 times and individually draws each tone hole to ensure precision. Three layers of lacquer are applied to achieve a timeless finish. Hand engraving and mother-of-pearl key touches complete the Le Bravo 200B's vintage-inspired style. Each saxophone undergoes rigorous quality testing to guarantee outstanding performance.

Additional Features
The Le Bravo 200B baritone saxophone includes a mouthpiece, ligature, greases and oils and microfiber cloth. Its PM ABS hard case provides durable protection for transporting your Le Bravo 200B.

  • Range to high F#
  • Nickel silver brass neck
  • Hand-engraved bell
  • Dark abalone key touches
  • Professional class


  • Thick and powerful sound
  • Fast attack and punch
  • Handsome apportioning
  • Broad range