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About Baritone & Bass Saxophones

Ready to take it down low? As the name implies our baritone and bass saxophones are a lower pitch helping to round out that orchestral or band sound. So many consider some of the other pieces in the band key but here we know that without that lower sound the music wouldn’t be as grounded it wouldn’t be as rounded out and it just wouldn’t have that sound that people love so much. Whether you are searching as an educator looking to stock up on supplies and equipment or you are shopping for yourself as a professional we have the instrument you are looking for! Shop our selection now and find the perfect fit for your needs.

When you wield the larger bass saxophone you wield plenty of musical power. You hold in your hands the original instrument that was presented to the public back in 1841 during an exhibition. While they have come a long way since then and these brand new options certainly are much more modern than that original you still are holding a piece of history. Our selection of baritone and bass saxophones contain top of the line brands that have made their mark in the music industry and can be counted on for many years of playing. From Jupiter to Selmer to P. Mauriat we have options for the new student who is just learning to the weathered professional who has had his fair share of performances and is looking for a new instrument to help further his career. For the student check out our selection of student saxophones. They are specifically made to be quick in response and durable ensuring years of play. For the professional who can handle it a little better and is looking for a challenge browse our selection of professional options. We also offer a variety of finishes ensuring that you not only get the sax desired but you get the color and finish desired as well.

Here at Music & Arts we want to see students explore new areas and learn new instruments. Pick up something and create a beautiful song never before heard. Play because it’s what your heart is telling you to do. If you’re searching for something to begin this chapter with or an instrument to continue after many years of playing check out our selection. If you have any questions while browsing please feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives and they’ll be happy to help.