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Pearl MX T-Frame Snare Drum Carrier Standard


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A form-fitting companion for your marching snare.

Pearl's MX T-Frame Snare Drum Carrier provides an ideal solution for transporting your marching snare drum. Its lightweight yet durable steel frame contours comfortably to your body, with a discreet profile designed for both comfort and longevity. The tilting MXSA-1 snare mount is compatible with all Pearl marching snare drums, holding your drum securely in place for optimal playing position and accurate striking.

Lightweight Frame, Heavyweight Performance
While lightweight, the MX T-Frame Snare Drum Carrier's steel frame is built to withstand the rigors of frequent use and transport. Its form-fitting design helps distribute the weight of your drum for comfort during long rehearsals and performances. The 10mm carriage bolts allow for easy adjustment, ensuring an ideal fit and playing position for drummers of all sizes.

Tilting Snare Mount for Optimal Positioning
The MXSA-1 snare mount tilts to accommodate your ideal playing angle, allowing for precise, accurate strikes. Its compatibility with all Pearl marching snares provides versatility, ready to carry your drum of choice. The snare mount's secure hold gives you confidence in its stability, keeping your drum safely in place for an optimal playing experience.

All Necessary Hardware Included
The MX T-Frame Snare Drum Carrier comes with everything needed to mount your Pearl Championship FFX or Competitor Series snare drum. Simply attach the included hardware to your drum, adjust the carrier to your desired fit and playing position and you're ready to rehearse or perform. Its comprehensive set of included parts provides an all-in-one solution for transporting and playing your marching snare drum.

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