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Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX Professional On-Ear DJ Headphones Black


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Tight, wide-ranging sound and superior insulation in professional DJ headphones.

The HDJ-CX professional on-ear DJ headphones from Pioneer DJ are specially engineered to deliver premier comfort and tight audio with a wide range for mixing and monitoring music in any environment. Featuring a high level of sound insulation, the HDJ-CX headphones can be worn for several hours with artists hardly feeling the headphone’s presence. This supreme comfort level roots in the headphone’s new lightweight, ergonomic design.

Design details of the HDJ-CX headphones include a slimmer cable wiring to reduce weight, a coiled cable curl positioning sitting closer to the plug for greater balance, high flex in the sturdy, stainless steel headband and adjustable earcups. Aside from comfort, these headphones outperform their weight with a range of sound production. Mids and highs are clear and precise, while lows are fat and powerful with the new PEEK-PU-PEEK composite film diaphragm. Bass reflex chambers in the housings improve the low-frequency response and the sound insulators offer a higher level of audio insulation, enabling artists to hear every music nuance.
  • Type: Closed, dynamic
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 103dB
  • Frequency response: 5Hz–30kHz
  • Maximum input power: 2,000mW
  • Driver: 1.37"
  • Plug: .137" stereo mini plug
  • Cable: One-sided, detachable
  • Coiled cable: 47.24"
  • Straight cable: 62.99"
  • Head cushion: Nylon
  • Ear pad: Nylon
  • Weight: 0.29 lb.
  • Accessories: Instruction manual, 1/4" stereo plug adapter, spare ear pads and 1/4" plug adapter holder


  • Ergonomic design minimizing head, neck and shoulder stress
  • Stainless steel headband with ladder-like structure for added flexibility
  • Driver unit and special tuning for crystal-clear audio
  • PEEK-PU-PEEK composite film diaphragm
  • Ideal for precise monitoring and mixing
  • Robust construction with lightweight yet rugged build
  • 2 supplied cables include straight or coiled