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Remo 100 Series Tunable Tubano 27 x 14 in. Island


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This versatile and tunable hand drum is perfect for educators.

Remo proudly introduces the Valencia 100 Series 14" Tunable Tubano. This innovative hand drum provides drummers of all skill levels with a lightweight, portable percussion instrument capable of producing a wide range of tones. Featuring an acoustically engineered recycled Acousticon shell and Remo's patented tuning system, the Tubano offers unparalleled tuning flexibility and projection. The included weather resistant Nuskyn Mondo drumhead produces warm, resonant bass notes as well as sharp, cracking slaps. Perfect for drum circles, music therapy, education, and professional performances.

Acousticon Shell Provides Superior Tonal Qualities
At the heart of the Tubano's sound is its Acousticon shell, constructed from durable, eco-friendly hardwood. This lightweight yet resonant shell amplifies the drumhead's tones, allowing for a broad range of pitches and timbres. The shell's recycled wood construction gives each Tubano a unique visual character, with natural wood grain patterns and color variations.

Remo Tuning System Offers Precise Pitch Control
Remo's patented tuning system provides drummers complete control over the Tubano's pitch. Low-profile tuning brackets allow simple tuning adjustments using any standard drum key. This system enables drummers to precisely tune the drumhead to specific notes or relative pitches. The tuning brackets also securely clamp the drumhead in place, ensuring consistent tone and pitch, even during energetic playing.

Nuskyn Mondo Weather-Resistant Drumhead
The included Nuskyn Mondo drumhead is constructed from durable, weather resistant material, allowing for outdoor playing in a variety of conditions. This drumhead produces warm, rich tones across a wide tuning range. Its thickness provides ample sensitivity and articulation, enabling both resonant bass notes and sharp slaps. The Mondo drumhead's durability ensures years of reliable performance from the Tubano.

Non-Skid Base Protector
The Tubano's non-skid molded base protects the shell from damage while keeping the drum firmly in place during play. Rubber feet elevate the drum slightly off the ground, allowing for projection of low-frequency tones. The non-skid base enables stable playing on a variety of surfaces, indoors and out.


Tubano, Key-Tuned, 10" Diameter, 27" Height