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Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds, Box of 10 Strength 1.5


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Reeds that inspire confidence and artistry.

Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds are crafted with care and cutting-edge technology to produce a reed that responds intuitively to your breath. The thin yet durable reeds are available in a range of strengths so whether you're just beginning your musical journey or performing professionally, you'll find a reed perfectly suited to your needs. Precision-cut and sanded using advanced digital technology, each reed is consistent with the next, allowing you to focus on your technique and expression. The traditional blank promotes a full, clear tone that carries in any playing situation. Priced for musicians at any level, Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds are an affordable, high-quality option for all.

Responsive and Reliable
Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds are designed to respond sensitively to the subtlest changes in breath pressure and embouchure. The thin, flexible cane reeds vibrate freely, allowing you to shape each note with nuance and control. You can rely on their consistent quality and durability through hours of practice and performance.

Strength for Every Player
Whether you're just beginning to explore the alto saxophone or performing complex pieces, Rico offers reeds in a range of strengths to suit your needs. The reeds are numbered 1 through 5, with higher numbers indicating a stiffer, more resistant reed. Start with a softer reed around 2 and work your way up as your embouchure develops. With multiple strengths to choose from, you can find a reed perfectly tailored to your level of play.

Unrivaled Precision and Consistency
Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds are cut and sanded using advanced digital technology that allows for unprecedented precision and consistency. Each reed is crafted to exacting standards so you can expect the same quality and responsiveness from reed to reed. The precision-cut reeds have a traditional blank and profile for a full, resonant tone.

Quality Design, Affordable Price
Designed for musicians at any level, Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds offer professional-level quality at an affordable price. The reeds are an ideal choice for students, educators and veteran players alike. Priced with beginners and budget-conscious musicians in mind, Rico reeds provide a high-quality option for exploring and developing your musical skill.

Experience the responsive, vibrant tone of Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds. Order today.