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Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds, Box of 25 Strength 2


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Notes leap to life with precision-crafted reeds.

Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds are meticulously crafted to bring out the best in your playing. Cut from high-quality cane and precision-crafted using advanced digital technology, these reeds reward you with an immediate, full-bodied tone and responsive feel. Teachers and students worldwide rely on Rico reeds to inspire lively, emotive performances. You'll find a reed strength to suit any playing style, from jazz to classical. At a price that suits any budget, Rico reeds empower you to discover new expressive possibilities with every breath.

Precision-Cut for Instant Sound
Rico reeds are cut and shaped with laser-like precision using advanced digital technology. The result is an reed that responds instantly to your breath, leaping to life with a full, resonant tone. You'll feel a sensitive connection to your instrument that inspires subtle nuances and emotive expression.

A Reed for Every Playing Style
Whether you favor a robust classical tone or the breathy subtleties of jazz, you'll find a Rico reed to match your needs. Reeds are available in a range of strengths from 1 to 5 to produce the ideal resistance and tonal quality for your unique embouchure and playing style. You'll discover new tones and techniques as you explore the possibilities.

An Affordable Path to Mastery
Rico reeds provide professional performance at a price suited to students and educators. You'll find reeds available in convenient 3-packs, 10-packs and 25-packs so you always have spares on hand. At this affordable price point, you can experiment freely to discover the reed that inspires your best playing. Rico reeds provide an accessible path to mastery for saxophonists at every skill level.

Experience the responsive performance of Rico Alto Saxophone Reeds. Order today.