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Rico Baritone Saxophone Reeds, Box of 10 Strength 2.5


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A versatile reed cut from a very flexible grade of cane.

Rico Baritone Saxophone Reeds provide the rich, powerful sound baritone sax players crave. Rico reeds are manufactured in the United States using premium cane specifically cultivated for reed making. Each reed in this 10-pack is precision cut and shaped to reduce resistance and enable smooth playability across all registers. Whether performing intricate classical pieces or wailing jazz solos, these high-quality yet affordable reeds empower baritone saxophonists to achieve their full artistic potential.

Harvested in France, the cane used to produce Rico's baritone sax reeds is considered the finest in the industry. When crafted into reeds using state-of-the-art technology, this premium cane yields unparalleled consistency and quality. The reeds' thinner profile and precisely tapered shape provide a lively pop and highly resonant tone across all registers of the baritone saxophone.

Featuring a thinner vamp cut and unfiled edge, these baritone sax reeds enable powerful, free-blowing play. The thinner vamp requires less air to produce a robust sound, allowing baritone saxophonists to achieve a rich tone with minimal effort. The unfiled edge, meanwhile, produces maximum vibrancy for a tone brimming with personality and depth.

As part of the D'Addario Woodwinds family, Rico is renowned for manufacturing reeds of unparalleled quality and value. This 10-pack of baritone sax reeds continues that tradition, with each reed crafted to the highest standards using cutting-edge technology. Despite their premium construction, these reeds remain highly affordable, making them an excellent choice for players at any skill level.


  • Designed for ease of play
  • Cut from flexible cane