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Rico Padgard Tenor Saxophone Swab Standard


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Effective moisture protection for woodwind instruments.

The Rico Tenor Sax Padgard is designed to thoroughly dry out your tenor saxophone and shield its pads from damage caused by excess moisture. This simple yet essential accessory, from a brand renowned for premium woodwind products, provides an easy way to extend the life of your instrument.

Absorbent Material Removes Moisture and Protects Pads
Inserting a Rico Tenor Sax Padgard into your tenor saxophone after playing will draw out any remaining moisture and keep your pads dry until your next use. The soft, absorbent material is specially designed to wick away dampness that can warp pads and negatively impact sound quality or playability over time.

Fits Most Tenor Saxophones for Added Convenience
The Rico Tenor Sax Padgard is built to accommodate most popular tenor saxophone models, allowing you to keep your specific instrument protected without needing additional components. Its universal fit provides an all-in-one solution for effective pad maintenance and moisture control.

Extends Instrument Lifespan by Preventing Pad Damage
By removing excess moisture and keeping pads dry when your tenor saxophone is not in use, the Rico Tenor Sax Padgard helps prevent the pad damage that can shorten the lifespan of woodwind instruments. Regular use of this accessory allows you to enjoy playing your tenor saxophone for years to come, without needing expensive pad replacements or overhauls due to moisture-related issues.

Simple, Trusted Solution from a Premier Brand
The Rico Tenor Sax Padgard offers an easy way to properly care for your tenor saxophone, backed by Rico's reputation for outstanding woodwind products. For over 50 years, Rico has produced high-quality reeds, mouthpieces, straps and other accessories for clarinets, saxophones and other woodwinds. Musicians around the world rely on Rico gear to keep their instruments in top playing condition.

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