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Rico Royal Tenor Saxophone Reeds, Box of 10 Strength 1.5


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Tenor saxophonists everywhere rely on Rico to craft reeds that inspire their best playing. Rico's Tenor Saxophone Reeds are designed with premium grade cane and a traditional cut to produce a powerful yet nuanced tone with immediate response. The filed cut allows for flexibility and fast articulation, enabling expressive phrasing and effortless altissimo. Available in a range of strengths from 2 to 5, there's a reed to suit any playing style. Rico's Tenor Saxophone Reeds are sold in convenient packs of 10 reeds to keep you well-stocked for all your performing and practicing needs.

Premium Cane Produces Optimal Tone and Playability
Rico selects only the highest quality cane to craft reeds with a rich, resonant tone, consistent pitch and immediate response. The premium cane is aged and treated to exacting standards, producing reeds with a perfect combination of strength, flexibility and longevity. Musicians can count on Rico reeds to inspire their best playing with a full, projecting tone and nuanced expression.

Traditional Cut with Strong Spine
Rico's signature traditional cut provides the power, focus and projection that tenor saxophonists seek. A stronger spine gives these reeds durability and helps achieve a bold, vibrant tone across all registers. The spine provides structure while allowing the reed to vibrate freely, enabling a broad dynamic range and nimble technique. With the traditional cut, tenor saxophonists can achieve a tone that cuts through any ensemble.

Filed Cut Offers Fast Response
The filed cut of these reeds produces a fast response, allowing for quick and accurate articulation. Musicians can execute intricate phrasing, wide interval leaps and altissimo passages with ease. The filed cut also provides flexibility, giving tenor saxophonists dynamic control and tonal nuance for expressive jazz and classical playing. With a filed cut, the reed speaks effortlessly and faithfully translates a musician's technique and air stream into sound.

A Reed for Every Playing Style
Available in a range of strengths from 2 to 5, there's a Tenor Saxophone Reed to suit any playing style or mouthpiece. Softer reeds provide a warm, rounded tone for classical playing while harder reeds give jazz musicians the power and edge they seek. Tenor saxophonists can find their ideal reed, enabling them to achieve the tone and response they want for their instrument and genre. With a variety of strengths to choose from, Rico reeds help all musicians discover their voice.


  • Professional-quality reed for all musical applications
  • Premium-grade cane for consistent response and playability
  • French filed for flexibility and fast response