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Rigotti Gold Tenor Saxophone Reeds Strength 3 Strong


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Rigotti Gold Tenor Saxophone Reeds are meticulously handcrafted using superior cane harvested from the Var region of France. These reeds undergo a four-month aging process to enhance their flexibility and responsiveness before precision cutting and calibration. The result is a rich, resonant tone full of overtones and harmonic depth. Each reed is packaged in an airtight box to maintain freshness.

Superior Cane and Handcrafting for an Unparalleled Sound
The cane used in Rigotti Gold Tenor Saxophone Reeds is considered the finest in the world for reed instruments. Grown in the Var region of France, this cane produces reeds with a lush, vibrant tone and quick response. Each reed is handcrafted using traditional methods to achieve a perfect balance of flexibility, density and cut for a sound brimming with overtones and harmonic depth. These reeds will inspire your most expressive and nuanced playing.

A Four-Month Aging Process Enhances Responsiveness
After harvesting, the cane used in Rigotti Gold Tenor Saxophone Reeds ages for four months before cutting and calibration. This aging process helps the cane reach equilibrium, enhancing its flexibility, stability and responsiveness. The reeds retain their shape and last longer, even under intense playing conditions. You'll enjoy consistent high performance and fewer trips to the music store for replacements.

Precision Cutting and Packaging for Peak Performance
Rigotti Gold Tenor Saxophone Reeds are precisely cut and calibrated to strict tolerances for balanced, focused and durable reeds. Each reed is tested to ensure superior playability before being packaged in an airtight box. This protects the reeds from warping or drying out so you receive reeds ready to deliver peak performance. With a box of 10 reeds, you'll always have spares on hand.

Experience the lush, resonant tone of Rigotti Gold Tenor Saxophone Reeds. Order yours today.
  • Cut: Unfiled
  • Material: French Cane
  • Quantity: 10