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Roche Thomas Mi-T-Mist Mouthpiece Cleaner Economy Size Standard


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A hygienic solution for clean mouthpieces.

The Roche Thomas Mi-T-Mist Mouthpiece Cleaner is an antimicrobial spray designed to disinfect and freshen mouthpieces. Formulated as a fine mist, it evaporates in just 45 seconds to eliminate moisture and leave behind a minty scent. Musicians can now enjoy fresh, hygienic mouthpieces between performances and practice sessions. The 8-ounce bottle is compact enough for portability so you can freshen up wherever your music takes you.

Fights Bacteria for Fresh, Clean Mouthpieces
Roche Thomas Mi-T-Mist Mouthpiece Cleaner contains an antimicrobial formula to eliminate bacteria buildup in mouthpieces. A quick spray between uses helps prevent the spread of germs and keep mouthpieces fresh. The fast-evaporating mist leaves behind a minty scent so mouthpieces smell as clean as they feel.

Fine Mist for Even, Controlled Application
The Mi-T-Mist Mouthpiece Cleaner comes in an 8-ounce bottle with a fine mist sprayer. This allows for controlled, even application of the formula. Musicians can spray just enough to coat the mouthpiece without excess dripping. The mist then evaporates completely in 45 seconds so mouthpieces are ready to use again quickly.

Portable Bottle for On-the-Go Hygiene
At just 8 ounces, the Mi-T-Mist Mouthpiece Cleaner bottle is compact and portable. Musicians can throw it in their case or gig bag to freshen up mouthpieces wherever they go. With a quick spray between rehearsals, practice sessions or performances, mouthpieces stay fresh and hygienic on the road or at home.

Use on Mouthpieces and Headjoints Only
Roche Thomas Mi-T-Mist Mouthpiece Cleaner is formulated specifically for use on mouthpieces and headjoints. Musicians should avoid spraying it directly into their instrument. When used properly on mouthpieces, it eliminates moisture and bacteria buildup to keep these parts fresh between uses.

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