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RODE NT1 Signature Series (Green) Green


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Premium studio condenser microphone for high-quality audio capture.

The NT1 Signature Series from RØDE is a professional large-diaphragm condenser microphone delivering premium studio-quality sound for a variety of applications. Featuring RØDE's proprietary 1" HF6 true condenser capsule, it provides a smooth frequency response with rich lows, detailed mids and crisp highs. The NT1 Signature Series boasts an extremely low self-noise of just 4dB, ensuring pristine recordings even at high gain levels. It can handle sound pressure levels up to 142dB, making it suitable for recording loud instruments and sound sources.

Large-Diaphragm Capsule Captures Rich Tones

The NT1 Signature Series is equipped with RØDE's 1" HF6 true condenser capsule which delivers a warm and silky tone with extended low-frequency response. Its large-diaphragm design provides a wide dynamic range and frequency response, capturing the depth and detail of any sound. The result is natural and authentic recordings with rich bass, smooth mids and shimmering highs.

Ultralow Noise Floor for Pristine Recordings

With an incredibly low self-noise of just 4dB, the NT1 Signature Series produces high-quality recordings even at high gain levels. Its high signal-to-noise ratio means unwanted background noise is virtually inaudible, allowing you to capture clean and transparent audio. Whether recording vocals, acoustic instruments or ambient room tones, the NT1 Signature Series delivers pristine recordings with stunning clarity and detail.

High SPL Handling for Recording Loud Sources

The NT1 Signature Series has a maximum SPL of 142dB, making it suitable for recording loud instruments, ensembles and other sound sources without distortion. Its wide dynamic range allows you to capture transient details and subtle nuances as well as handling high volume levels. From rock vocals and guitar amps to drum kits and brass sections, the NT1 Signature Series excels at recording a variety of loud sources with professional results.

Stylish and Durable Design

Available in six colors—black (SKU# M07551000001000), red (SKU# M07937000001000), this green model (SKU# M07936000001000), purple (SKU# M07939000001000), pink (SKU# M07940000001000) and blue (SKU# M07938000001000)—the NT1 Signature Series lets you choose a shade to match your studio decor or personal style. No matter which color you select, you'll enjoy the same pristine, professional-grade sound that has made RØDE a leader in studio microphones.


  • HF6 1" true condenser capsule
  • Smooth frequency response, high sensitivity and high SPL handling
  • Highly durable finish—extremely resistant to scuffs and scratches
  • Studio-grade shockmount, pop filter and XLR cable included