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Roland TD-07KVX V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit Standard


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Features editing tools for crafting custom kits.

As the pinnacle of Roland’s TD-07 V-Drums series, the TD-07KVX offers the ultimate complement of pads and cymbals to satisfy the most demanding drummers. This top-tier kit has the largest pad offering of the series, with separately mounted VH-10 floating hi-hats, uprated CY-12C crash and larger 13" CY-13R ride that let you reach your true potential. Meanwhile, you’ll find the same PDX-12 snare and PDX-8 toms as elsewhere in the range, with the unrivaled feel of Roland's original ultraquiet, double-ply mesh heads. And, as with all TD-07 kits, the powerful TD-07 module lets the TD-07KVX eclipse traditional drums, with deep editing tools for crafting custom kits, Bluetooth for audio playback from your phone, tablet or computer and one-cable USB connectivity to DAW recording software.  

The New Generation of V-Drums 

For more than two decades, Roland’s V-Drums have forged a reputation as the electronic kits of choice, with tone and responsive feel that puts everything else in the shade. Imitated but never bettered, the V-Drums philosophy is to offer an utterly lifelike digital recreation of a traditional acoustic kit, along with cutting-edge features only made possible through advanced technology. Now, the TD-07KVX expands the V-Drums story, giving serious drummers a new level of realistic expression with separately mounted VH-10 floating hi-hats, plus uprated CY-12C crash and largest-in-the-range 13" diameter CY-13R ride cymbal. 

The Most Extensive Roland Acoustic and Electronic Drum Sound Banks 

Behind every serious electronic drum set is the processing power of a great sound module, and the TD-07 is the ideal complement to the pro hardware of your TD-07KVX. Mix and match from a bank of acoustic drums, electronic drums and percussion types, all recorded at some of the world’s greatest studios. Then start playing and hear every realistic sound come to life, powered by the advanced V-Drums technology that catches the responsiveness, character and behavior of each instrument. 

Power Up and Play—or Create Your Personal Drum Collection 

Setting up fast and offering instantly playable preset kits, the TD-07 module is always ready to go. And when you want to dig deeper, your own personal drum collection awaits. Road-test snares, tryout toms, replace kick drumheads and beaters, or specify the flavor of your crashes and rides. Then get into the finer points of your setup—tuning the drums, adding damping or finding out how the kit sounds when played in different physical spaces. Finally, tweak the EQ settings of each drum so they match the musical scenario, just like a seasoned professional drummer would. 

Practice Whenever It Suits You 

Acoustic drum kits are noisy by nature, and even using headphones on certain electronic kits can cause a disturbance due to the contact noise of sticks on pads. But as the culmination of Roland’s decades of R&D, the TD-07KVX is designed to be far quieter than any other digital kit. Strike Roland's mesh heads with intent and enjoy natural stick rebound with minimal pad noise. Stomp the kick pad and notice how the special damping cuts noise and vibration while retaining a satisfying, natural feel. Even the drum rack was designed to minimize the amount of vibration and noise transferring to the floor, while Roland’s extensive range of noise-reducing equipment is always an optional extra if you need to go quieter still. 

Roland’s V-Drums Unmatched Realistic Acoustic Tones 

Play some digital kits and you’ll hear a series of static drum tones, with none of the organic response that defines an acoustic drum. The TD-07KVX’s pads and cymbals are different by design, offering a rich and reactive spectrum of tonal colors and effects that truly reflect what you just played. Hard or soft, these drum and cymbal pads have precision trigger sensors to capture every hit, stroke, roll, flam, cymbal choke and ghost note, before relaying the sound instantly and accurately. Just as important, this technology is invisible during your drum sessions—just count in and let it all happen. 

The Mesh-Head Pads That Started a Revolution 

Back in 1997, Roland transformed the digital drum market with the debut of the world’s first mesh drumheads. This unique dual-layer mesh design gives stick resistance and rebound worthy of a great, responsive acoustic drumhead, and the authenticity even extends to finer details like adjustable tension using a standard drum key. You’ll only get that lifelike feel and sensing speed with a Roland mesh head. And it’s not only the mesh heads that revolutionize the playing experience—the VH-10 hi-hats, CY-12C crash and larger diameter CY-13R ride shimmer and swing like your favorite acoustic cymbals, too. 

The Toughest Stand and Hardware for Hard-Hitting Parts 

During a heavy hitting session, it’s vital to have a durable stand that remains rock-solid and drums that don’t slip and slide, even with heavy kick pedal usage. Designed around the strongest materials and highest-quality components, the TD-07KVX is a robust kit that lets you play long sets with confidence. Power through your performance knowing that the custom drum rack will provide a durable and stable foundation. Hit harder, pedal faster and rely on tough, precision clamps that lock every component in place. Let the music lead your movement—and trust the TD-07KVX to keep delivering for years to come. 

The Bluetooth Drum Kit That Becomes Your Backing Band 

Practice sessions become interactive with the TD-07KVX and Bluetooth technology. For instant jam sessions with your favorite songs and bands, simply choose a tune on your phone, tablet or computer, then wirelessly stream the audio through the sound module and drum along. Beginners will love playing along with online songs or lessons; plus, you can transmit video sound, while inputting MIDI transmission over Bluetooth is also supported for cable-free recording of triggered MIDI data in music apps. Even if you don’t have a Bluetooth device, you can still get involved—just connect a stereo cable to bring in the sound. 

Practice Smarter With 40 Free Lessons From Melodics 

Melodics is a desktop app that lets you tackle step-by-step lessons and tracks, perfect new beats, refine your rhythm and timing, then self-assess your performance with the record/playback feature. You get 40 free lessons to revisit whenever you need a refresher, and when you outgrow them, you can subscribe to unlimited tutorials that will keep your skills on the move. With the TD-07KVX and Melodics, repetitive practice gives way to interactive sessions that light a fire under your drum technique. 

Roland Drums Coach Mode Is Your Biggest Supporter 

Drumming is most satisfying when you really nail the timing, and the beat is tight. Getting there takes practice, but there’s a coach built into the TD-07 to help you on the journey. From beginner to experienced player, the Coach mode challenges you with a range of exercises that improve timing and accuracy, along with a scoring system to keep it fun. The in-built metronome provides a rock-solid timing partner to develop your inner rhythm clock, which is the surest way to mark your progress. And plug in your headphones for private practice. 

Hassle-Free Recording Interface for Home Producers 

Outshining the capabilities of a traditional drum kit, the TD-07 module is also an audio/MIDI, input/output recording interface, able to send stereo sound and MIDI controller data to a Mac/Windows computer via a single USB cable. Record directly to your preferred music production software. Track discrete audio and MIDI drum tracks in your favorite DAW. Used as a controller, you can trigger effects and sounds in software-based drum instruments for studio or live performance. If you want to add live-sounding drums to your music, expand your home production studio with the power of the TD-07KVX.

Note: Kick pedal and hi-hat stand sold separately.


  • TD-07 module with 25 preset kits, 25 user kits and 143 instruments
  • V-Edit, EQ, ambience and 30 multi-effects offer deep editing tools to create your perfect drum kit sounds
  • Snare and tom pads with Roland’s legendary double-ply, tension-adjustable mesh drum heads
  • One PDX-12 12" snare pad with independent head and rim zones for assigning different sounds and three PDX-8 8" single-zone tom pads
  • KD-10 kick pad offers realistic rebound and beater feel while minimizing noise and vibration
  • CY-12C-BK 12" crash and CY-13R-BK ride cymbals with choke support
  • VH-10 floating 10" hi-hat cymbal, mounts to acoustic hi-hat stand
  • Four-post drum rack with metal construction and sturdy clamps with strong grip
  • Integrated Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream sound from smartphones, tablets and other
  • Bluetooth devices and send MIDI data to music apps
  • Advanced built-in metronome with the ability to adjust time signature, note value and click tone
  • Onboard coach function provides interactive tools to build timing skills and track progress
  • USB for recording audio and MIDI data to computer music software
  • Support for kit expansion with a second crash cymbal (CY-8 V-Cymbal and MDY-Standard cymbal arm sold separately)