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Rovner Dark Bass Clarinet Ligature and Cap Standard


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A revolutionary ligature designed for resonant tone and pitch accuracy.

The Dark Bass Clarinet Ligature and Cap from Rovner provides bass clarinetists and baritone saxophonists with an innovative ligature designed to optimize reed performance. Constructed from a proprietary polymer-impregnated textile and fitted with corrosion-resistant metal, this ligature allows the reed to vibrate freely while maintaining stability. The result is a warm, centered tone with precise intonation ideal for classical and orchestral playing.

Double-Textured Body Maximizes Reed Resonance
The Dark Ligature's double-textured body is designed to permit the reed to vibrate as freely as possible, producing a resonant tone with a broad range of overtones. Musicians will appreciate the ligature's ability to bring out the bass clarinet's natural depth and richness of tone.

Polymer Impregnation Prevents Moisture Damage
Rovner's unique T-Process polymer impregnation allows the reed to swell and shrink in response to changes in moisture without distorting the reed body or ligature. This helps prevent leakage at the mouthpiece facing and avoids the peculiar vibrations that can lead to poor intonation, squeaks and raspy tone.

Corrosion-Resistant Metal Fittings Ensure Durability
While the ligature body provides resonance and tonal nuance, corrosion-resistant metal fittings provide structural stability and durability. These fittings securely hold the reed in place on the mouthpiece while resisting damage from moisture and the chemicals found in many reed treatments.

Designed for the Serious Bass Clarinetist
With its focus on resonance, tonal richness and pitch accuracy, the Dark Bass Clarinet Ligature and Cap is an excellent choice for the serious bass clarinetist or baritone saxophonist seeking to maximize the musical potential of their instrument. This innovative yet durable ligature provides an unparalleled level of reed freedom and tonal control for woodwind players pursuing professional-level performance.

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Rovner Size: 3RL