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sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro Black Standard


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A studio-grade sound shield to prevent unwanted noise and coloration in your recordings.

To capture vocal recordings without unwanted room noise and reflections, recording studios have designated vocal booths—rooms that are acoustically treated and tuned for capturing professional vocal takes. This is ideal, of course, however, we often need a solution to treat room acoustics when recording in less formal settings. Enter the Reflexion Filter Pro, a simple and effective recording shield that essentially removes unwanted room sounds to provide clean, acoustically-neutral recordings. To achieve this, the Reflexion Filter Pro uses a patented multi-layer technology where each layer of acoustic padding treats a different field of the frequency spectrum to produce a balanced sound without coloration.


  • Efficiently reduces unwanted room reflections
  • Helps achieve a perfectly dry studio sound, no matter where you're recording
  • Avoid any unwanted coloration of your sound
  • Nine carefully selected layers ensure perfect performance
  • Even, balanced absorption and diffusion across all frequencies