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Selmer 300 Series Alto Saxophone Lacquer Nickel Plated Keys


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Rich and warm Alto Saxophone, designed for the beginning player.

The Selmer SAS301 300 Series Alto Saxophone is a premium student instrument facilitating advancing musicians' development. With pro-level features and elegant design, this saxophone produces a rich, resonant tone perfect for performance or practice. The rose brass neck, ribbed body construction and meticulous hand engraving yield a bold, warm sound with powerful projection. An upgrade from beginner models, the SAS301 incorporates elements from Selmer's professional horns for reliable playability, proper technique development and continuous progress. For over a century, Selmer has crafted superb woodwinds; invest in your student's future with this saxophone.

Rose Brass Neck and Ribbed Body for Robust Tone
The SAS301's rose brass neck and ribbed body construction generate a robust, resonant tone. Rose brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, enhances vibration for a full, warm sound. Ribbed body braces strengthen the instrument, reducing energy loss for powerful projection and rich overtones. These pro-level components nurture advancing technique and tonal development.

Hand Engraving and Gold Lacquer Finish for Elegant Style
Beautiful hand engraving adorns the bell, complementing a stunning gold lacquer finish. More than superficial styling, the engraving is a hallmark of high-quality craftsmanship. The lacquer protects the instrument while highlighting its graceful contours. An ideal step-up, the SAS301 exudes professional elegance inspiring students' progress.

Reliable, Easy Playability for Proper Technique Development
Incorporating elements from Selmer's professional saxophones, the SAS301 is highly playable, fostering proper technique. Its balanced weight distribution and adjustable thumb rest reduce fatigue for long rehearsals or performances. The SAS301's keys are also highly responsive, allowing for articulate execution of trills, tremolos, and other advanced techniques. Developing students can hone skills and advance with a reliable, responsive instrument.

Continuous Progress and a Wise Investment
A premium student saxophone, the SAS301 supports continuous progress beyond beginner models. Selmer has crafted woodwinds for over 100 years and this instrument will last developing musicians through years of advancement. With pro-level features and elegant styling, it retains value and playability. For developing talent, the SAS301 is a wise investment in a musical future.

  • Post to rib to body construction
  • Rose brass neck
  • Auxiliary keys: front F, high F# key
  • Hand engraved
  • Blue steel springs
  • Lacquer body and nickel-plated keys
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Angled left-hand spatula keys
  • Double arm bracing on bell keys
  • Pisoni leather pads
  • Metal resonators
  • ABS stackable case
  • Selmer premium mouthpiece


  • Rich, warm, projecting tone
  • Sturdy fully ribbed construction
  • Advanced ergonomics for ease of reach and playability
  • Beautiful finish and engraving
  • Light and fast key action