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Selmer 300 Series Tenor Saxophone Lacquer Nickel Plated Keys


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Rich, warm tenor saxophone designed for student players.

The STS301 Tenor Saxophone from Selmer, a leader in woodwind innovation for over a century. At the top of Selmer's student saxophone range, the STS301 Tenor Saxophone is a premium instrument with upgraded components to support the advancing student. Its rose brass neck and ribbed body produce a rich, warm tone with powerful projection suitable for any musical style. The STS301 Tenor Saxophone incorporates design elements from Selmer's professional models to provide a reliable, well-made, and easy-to-play instrument that fosters proper technique and musical growth.

Rose Brass Neck and Hand-Engraved Bell

The STS301 Tenor Saxophone features a rose brass neck and ribbed body construction that generate a full, resonant sound. Rose brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, produces a warmer tone than standard brass. When combined with the precisely curved neck pipe, the rose brass neck helps the STS301 Tenor Saxophone achieve a rich, complex voice. The hand-engraved detailing, an upgrade from basic student models, gives the STS301 a touch of professional polish and flair. These premium components set the STS301 Tenor Saxophone apart from standard student models.

Ribbed Body Construction

The STS301 Tenor Saxophone has a ribbed body construction typically found on professional saxophones. Ribs reinforce the body to improve durability and prevent warping. They also enhance resonance for a full, vibrant tone. The ribbed body gives the STS301 Tenor Saxophone a sound quality and responsiveness that inspires students to practice and pursue their musical goals.

Ideal For Advancing Students

As students progress in their musical studies, their skills and preferences evolve. The STS301 Tenor Saxophone is the perfect next step for advancing students ready to graduate from a beginner instrument. Its premium components and handcrafted quality nurture students' growth by producing a tone with depth and nuance to explore. The familiar key placement and lightweight, balanced design also make it easy for students to play as their technique develops. The STS301 Tenor Saxophone will see students through many years of rewarding practice and performance.

  • Post to rib to body construction
  • Rose brass neck
  • Auxiliary keys: front F, high F# key
  • Hand engraved
  • Blue steel springs
  • Lacquer and nickel-plated keys
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Angled left hand spatula keys
  • Double arm bracing on bell keys
  • Pisoni leather pads
  • Metal resonators
  • ABS stackable case
  • Selmer premium mouthpiece


  • Rich, warm, projecting tone
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Advanced ergonomics for ease of reach and playability
  • Beautiful finish and engraving
  • Light and fast key action