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Tenor Saxophones

The love of music is universal. No matter where you are from or where you are at with your life we all will always have music in common. Whether you prefer to listen to contemporary jazz or you prefer to play with a marching band that depends on you but there’s always going to be others who enjoy your taste of music and those who will be around to appreciate it. However music has to be nurtured and it has to be started at a young age to grow and to be properly practiced. If you’re shopping for students or shopping for yourself you have plenty to choose from in our selection of tenor saxophones. Start shopping today!

The tenor saxophone is the second most common in the sax family and is pitched in the key of B flat. It is a wonderful choice for someone who is just getting started in their freshman year band class or someone who has been practicing for years and is playing professionally. If you’re shopping for a future student or trying to build up instruments for your musical classes we have plenty of student sax options to choose from. Each one is specifically designed to provide a rich quality as well as uses quality pads and mechanisms ensuring a quick response that your students will enjoy learning on. Because we offer only the top brands in the industry you can rest assured that each instrument will last for years of use and is made in a durable manner. Some of the name brands we offer are Bundy Selmer Paris Yamaha and more. Each one of these brands has proven themselves in the industry as far as quality. These are top of the line options to ensure that you get the best instrument for your needs. If you’re a little more experienced and are looking for a piece that can be used daily in performances or concerts we offer a variety of tenor saxophones that are professional quality. These are the pieces you want to own for many years and grow and learn new things with. These are instruments that you will take precious care of and will travel many miles and see many different areas with you. In addition to some of the best names in the industry we also offer a variety of finishes for our tenor sax selection. Find the perfect fit for your needs in our inventory.

If you have any questions about our selection or need help completing your order please feel free to contact a customer service representative. They’ll be happy to help you find the perfect tenor saxophone to suit your needs.