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Seymour Duncan Alt.Metal Blackouts Humbucker Pickup Black Bridge


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Active humbuckers that unleash bone-crushing alternative metal tone.

Designed for the heavy riffs and dropped tunings of modern alternative metal, the Seymour Duncan Alt.Metal Blackouts humbucker pickups deliver the thunderous crunch and tight low end your sound demands. Built upon the foundation of the original Blackouts, these active humbuckers enhance low-end tightness while adding crisp top-end bite without harshness. The alt.metal bridge pickup accentuates percussive palm muted notes, retaining the output and energy of the standard Blackouts. If you crave the devastating roar of down-tuned guitars, the Seymour Duncan Alt.Metal Blackouts are your ticket to face-melting tone.

Pulverize With Increased Low-End Tightness

Dialed in for the needs of contemporary alternative metal guitarists, the Seymour Duncan Alt.Metal Blackouts deliver tighter low-end response compared to the original Blackouts. This makes them perfect for those crushing riffs and chugs tuned down to depths that shake your bones. The enhanced low-end tightness adds serious punch and impact to your sound, especially when palm muting. No more flub or looseness, even when you drop all the way down to A or G#. The Alt.Metal Blackouts help you harness the power of low tunings by keeping your tone focused and articulate.

Cut Through the Mix With Added Top-End Bite

In addition to the improved low-end tightness, the Alt.Metal Blackouts add some extra top-end bite to your tone. This helps your riffs and leads cut through a dense, heavy mix with a band. The crisp high-end sizzle lets your aggressive rhythm chops and soaring solos sing out above a thundering wall of bass and drums. And Seymour Duncan voiced the pickups to add these upper harmonics without crossing over into harsh or icepicky territory. The Alt.Metal Blackouts give you the lively top-end you need for leads without fatiguing your ears.


  • Available in 6 and 7 string sets
  • Active or passive mounts