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Sherman Dark Cello Rosin Standard


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A versatile rosin suited for any cellist.

The Dark Cello Rosin offers cellists a high-quality rosin at an affordable price. This dark rosin provides ideal grip and rich tone for cellos and basses in cool, dry weather. The universal formula works for cellists of all skill levels, from beginner to professional.

High-Quality Formula Enhances Sound
The carefully formulated rosin provides enhanced grip and resonance. You'll notice fuller, richer tones from your cello as the rosin allows the bow to grip the strings firmly and vibrate them fully. The rosin's dark color indicates it is suited for lower humidity, helping the bow grip the strings even when the air is cool and dry.

Convenient Storage in an Attractive Wooden Holder
The included wooden holder and cover provide an attractive way to store your rosin when not in use while keeping dust at bay. The 2" holder has enough space for a generous block of rosin but a small enough footprint to place within easy reach on a music stand or shelf. A wooden cover protects the rosin from debris when stored between practice sessions or performances.
Universal Formula Works for All Cello Playing Styles
Whether you prefer Baroque, Classical or contemporary cello pieces, this high-quality rosin provides the grip and sound you need. The rosin's versatility also makes it ideal for cellists of all skill levels, from beginners learning proper bow hold and pressure through advanced professionals producing a rich, resonant tone.

Professional Quality at an Affordable Price
While high-quality, dark rosin is essential for any cellist, it needn't be expensive. This rosin offers professional-grade grip and sound at a price any cellist can afford. You needn't sacrifice quality for cost, as this rosin provides both in equal measure.

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