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Sherman Violin and Viola Rosin Dark


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Sherman's Violin and Viola Rosin delivers a premium rosin formulated to enhance tone quality and maximize string responsiveness. This high-quality rosin comes in a convenient 2" wood holder to keep your instrument and case clean when not in use. The dark variant offers a softer, grippier texture ideal for cool and dry environments. For violinists and violists seeking an affordable rosin that boosts playability and sound, Sherman's Violin Rosin is an ideal choice.

Premium Formula Boosts Tone and Playability
Sherman's Violin Rosin is crafted from a proprietary formula that grips and releases strings efficiently with each bow stroke. This results in a robust, resonant tone and fluid playability ideal for practice and performance alike. The rosin's texture is perfectly balanced to avoid squeaking while still providing enough grip for crisp articulation and powerful projection.

Choose Light or Dark for Optimal Performance
Sherman's Violin Rosin comes in light and dark variants to suit different environments and playing styles. The light rosin offers a harder, slicker texture ideal for warm and humid weather. The dark rosin has a softer, stickier texture perfect for cooler, drier conditions. Both provide exceptional tone and playability, so select the option that matches your climate and personal preference.

An Affordable Must-Have for Violinists and Violists
For violin and viola players seeking a high-performance rosin at a budget-friendly price, Sherman's Violin and Viola Rosin delivers. This popular, trusted brand of rosin enhances tone, maximizes string response, and boosts playability for practice and performance. Sherman's Rosin gives you premium quality without the premium price tag.