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Singin' Dog Bassoon Reed Medium Hard


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A quality reed made to making playing easy.

The Singin' Dog Bassoon Reed is ideal for developing musicians seeking a well-rounded, reliable reed. Handcrafted in Texas, each reed is lovingly constructed and finished by professional bassoonists to provide stability and tonal quality across the instrument's range. Whether practicing at home or performing on stage, this reed delivers the robust, resonant sound young players need. The Singin' Dog Bassoon Reeds are ideal for beginners and busy adults looking to skip the hassle of making their own reeds.

Carefully Crafted for Tonal Consistency
Unlike mass-produced reeds, the Singin' Dog Bassoon Reed is meticulously handmade to exacting standards, ensuring consistent performance and intonation. Made from high-quality cane, these reeds are designed to withstand the pressures of regular play while maintaining their rich, warm tone. Their artisanal construction also provides flexibility, responsiveness, and tonal clarity across all registers of the bassoon.

Student-Tested for Playability and Sound
The Singin' Dog Bassoon Reed is specifically tailored to the needs of developing musicians. Its medium-soft hardness provides resistance that is firm enough for control yet pliant enough for expressiveness. The full, rounded tone gives young players the resonant, lyrical sound they need to build skills and confidence. Having been student-tested, this reed helps make the learning process rewarding and fun.

A Reed You Can Depend On
While handcrafted reeds may require more frequent replacement, the Singin' Dog Bassoon Reed aims to provide stability and longevity. Made to exacting specifications, these reeds hold up well to regular use and the challenges of practice and performance. Their high quality also helps them retain tone and playability over time, so you can count on the Singin' Dog reed for consistent sound and response. A trusted and affordable choice for student and amateur bassoonists alike.