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Stradella Oboe Reed Medium Soft


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A resonant, handcrafted oboe reed for musicians of all levels.

The Oboe Reed from master craftsman Larry Allen provides an unparalleled combination of tone, playability and handcrafted quality. For over 40 years, Allen has been meticulously designing and producing oboe reeds by hand for students and professionals alike. The result is an extremely consistent, high-quality reed suited for musicians at any skill level.

Handcrafted by a Master with Decades of Experience
Larry Allen has been hand-making oboe reeds since 1967, honing his design over decades to achieve an ideal balance of tone, responsiveness and consistency. Each reed is crafted individually using the highest quality materials and time-tested techniques. The care and expertise that goes into every handmade reed is apparent from the first note.

A Beautiful, Resonant Tone for All Musical Styles
The Oboe Reed produces a warm, resonant tone that works beautifully for classical, jazz and folk music. Its rich, vibrant sound carries effortlessly, allowing expressive phrasing and nuance. The reed's responsiveness and dynamic range give oboists meticulous control over tone color and articulation.

An Extremely Consistent, High-Quality Design
After years of refinement, Larry Allen has achieved an optimized design that plays consistently reed to reed. The reeds have a medium hard strength rating, providing substantial volume and projection while maintaining excellent pitch stability and control. Despite being designed for students, the reeds meet the expectations of even the most discerning professional oboists. Each reed is tested individually to ensure premium quality before being made available for purchase.

A Reed for Oboists of All Levels
The Oboe Reed's combination of resonant tone, consistency and playability makes it an ideal choice for oboists of all skill levels. Students will appreciate the reed's responsiveness and volume, which aids in developing breath control and embouchure. Professionals will value the reed's rich tone color, dynamic range and intonation. Overall, the Oboe Reed helps all oboists achieve an optimal balance of tone and technique.

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