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Suhr Badger 30W Tube Guitar Amp Head Black

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Versatile tube tones from a portable British-voiced amp head.

The Badger 30W tube guitar amp head packs coveted British amp tones into a lightweight and portable design. With the Badger, you get dynamic tube overdrive inspired by classic British amps. The newly designed preamp features a high-voltage MOSFET boost circuit that expands the tonal palette with increased headroom and transparency. Footswitchable for added flexibility, the MOSFET boost broadens the range of overdriven tones at your fingertips.

Cathode-Biased Circuitry Responds To Your Playing Dynamics

The Badger is a single-channel amp that leverages cathode biasing for touch-sensitive response. It dynamically interacts with your guitar's volume knob and playing technique. Notes bloom with complexity as you dig in. Chords ring with complexity and nuance. The cathode-biased power amp requires no routine bias adjustment when swapping power tubes. It lends itself to rich, dynamic tones.

Power Scaling For Bedroom To Club Volumes

Power scaling lets you attenuate the Badger's output down to 1 watt for home recording and practice while retaining the feel and complexity of a cranked 30W amp. The power control adjusts the voltage feeding the tubes, scaling down the maximum volume. The drive knob compensates for the reduced headroom, letting you easily dial in your tone. Power scaling makes it easy to get inspiring tube overdrive at any volume.

Shape Your Sound With Gain, Bass, Midrange and Treble

The Badger's flexible EQ section provides extensive tonal control. The gain knob adjusts the amount of preamp saturation, taking you from shimmering cleans to saturated overdrive. Cut-style passive bass, midrange and treble controls let you fine-tune the amp's voicing. Scooping the mids yields a contemporary high-gain sound. Boosting the mids provides a bold midrange punch. An effects loop works with both pedals and rack processors.


  • Output: 25W
  • Preamp tubes: 3x 12AX7
  • Power tubes: 2x EL34
  • Rectifier: Solid State
  • Effects loop: Tube driven, buffered, series effects loop
  • Panel controls: On/Off, Standby, Power, Drive, Bass, Middle, Treble
  • Dual speaker outputs: Selectable between 4 Ohms, 8 Ohms & 16 Ohms impedance
  • Included accessories: Slip cover, footswitch
  • Dimensions: 20.5" (W) x 8.25" (D) x 9.25" (H)
  • Weight: 31lb.