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Suzuki Andes Recorder-Keyboard Standard


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Sound of an Andes bamboo flute.

This unique Suzuki Musical Instrument looks like a Melodion but sounds like a Flute...or rather 25 flutes! As the name suggests the resulting tone is reminiscent of the Andes Pipes. It is fully polyphonic and is easy to play chords with very little effort. Beautiful tonal variations are available when applying different breath control techniques.

Includes one standard mouthpiece, one angled metal mouthpiece and a deluxe neck strap. Precision tuned and constructed to last a lifetime, Suzuki melodions are the ideal learning instrument for the beginning musician. Many aspects of wind instrument playing are experienced such as fingering, tonguing, breath control and expression. Ideal for solo or ensemble work with other instruments, but most of all, fun for the teacher and pupil alike.

Highly acclaimed throughout the world, the Melodion has come to be looked upon as one of the single most advanced learning systems ever devised. No other musical instrument combines so many diverse playing techniques.