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TAMA 50th Limited Mastercraft Artwood Snare Drum 14 x 6.5 in.


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A punchy, articulate snare drum with vintage appeal for TAMA's 50th anniversary.

The TAMA 50th Anniversary Limited 14x6.5" Mastercraft Artwood snare drum features an all-birch shell and thoughtful blend of vintage and modern components for a versatile, tonally balanced sound. The limited-edition drum commemorates TAMA's half-century of innovation in percussion.

Classic Birch Shell Delivers Vintage Punch and Articulate Tone

At the core of this commemorative snare is an all-birch 9 mm/6-ply shell that conjures TAMA's early days of expert drum crafting. The vintage-style wood inlay and original Superstar drum badge give this drum throwback visual flair. With die-cast hoops and birch construction, each rimshot sings with definition and the overall tonality is a pleasing blend of low-end punch and articulate presence.

Retro Hardware With Modern Innovations for Versatile Sound

Vintage-style tube lugs lend retro appeal while TAMA's state-of-the-art Roller Action Strainer allows easy and precise snare response adjustment. The strainer's full-contact design and convenient levers give you exceptional control over snare wire tension. An internal tone control further fine-tunes the drum's character. The thoughtful marriage of classic features and modern technology makes this snare versatile for any genre.

Limited-Edition 50th Anniversary Model

Only a select number of these special 14x6.5" snares have been created in honor of TAMA's 50th anniversary. From the vintage-flavored shell to the retro appointment, every detail celebrates TAMA's five decades of drum mastery. The TAMA 50th Limited Mastercraft Artwood snare drum is a collector's item that encapsulates a legacy of quality percussion.

Perfect for any Genre From Jazz to Rock

With its sensitive, balanced tonality and versatile tuning capabilities, this commemorative snare transitions seamlessly across musical genres. The full-bodied attack with controlled overtones and focused projection suits rock, while the warmth and responsiveness also shines in jazz and acoustic contexts. Celebrate TAMA's enduring percussion innovation with this special 50th anniversary snare drum.

All-Birch Shell Delivers Classic Deep Punch

At the heart of this commemorative snare is an all-birch 9 mm/6-ply shell that’s adorned with a unique multi-section contrasting colored center wood inlay and original design Superstar drum badge to give this drum its visual personality. Die-cast hoops further enhance articulation and tone. Sonically, this drum delivers classic deep punch with clear projection.

Vintage-Style Hardware Provides Retro Appeal

This special-edition snare features 10 original tube lugs and internal tone control, balancing modern innovation with a retro vibe. The tube lugs provide a stylish nod to TAMA’s early days of craftsmanship. The drum hardware also utilizes TAMA’s unique Roller Action Strainer—an innovative full-contact (extended) snare wire design that has a single on/off lever and dual guide rollers for easy adjustment and sensitivity. These touches instill the drum with heritage appeal, reminding you of TAMA’s enduring legacy of quality and craft.

Versatile, Balanced Sound for Any Genre

With its all-birch shell and thoughtful blend of vintage and modern components, this commemorative snare produces a balanced, articulate tone suited for any musical situation. The full-bodied, sensitive sound works equally well for jazz, rock, hip-hop and beyond. Celebrate TAMA’s 50-year milestone in percussion innovation with this versatile, tonally rich snare drum.