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TC Electronic Quintessence Harmony Effects Pedal Standard

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Add some impressive and versatile harmony to your rig.

The TC Electronic Quintessence harmony pedal brings your guitar to life with intelligent two-voice harmonies that follow your every note. With the TonePrint app, you have full creative control to customize the harmony settings exactly how you want. The Quintessence is equipped with a MASH expressive footswitch that can bend the harmony voices up or down in real-time as you play. Whether you want classic third intervals or more exotic scales, the three TonePrint slots allow you to save your preferred settings. The preset options provide a diverse range of harmony scales to choose from too. Between the intuitive knobs and useful display, the Quintessence offers an easy-to-use interface that makes intelligent harmonies accessible.

TonePrint App Unlocks Deep Customization

The free TonePrint app opens up a world of customization options, letting you tailor the Quintessence's harmonies to fit your music perfectly. TonePrint gives you the power to select the harmony intervals, set the key and scale, tweak parameters like the mix and range and more. With TonePrint, the harmonies can follow your playing precisely in any mode. Once you have a TonePrint setting dialed in, save it to one of the three onboard slots. Now you can switch between your customized harmony presets on the fly.

MASH Footswitch Bends Pitches in Real-Time

The MASH footswitch makes the Quintessence an extremely expressive harmonizer. It lets you bend the harmony pitches up or down, freeing you to embellish your playing with pedal steel-style flourishes. Use MASH to bend up to the next harmony interval or assign it to modulate parameters like volume for temporary accents. With TonePrint, you can even set custom interval bends above and below the harmony voices. MASH gives you a powerful way to spice up your harmonies in real-time.

Diverse Scales Expand Your Harmonic Palette

With seven preset scale modes, from major to Dorian and more, you have plenty of options for diatonic harmony flavors. The Quintessence also provides a Custom mode, where you can set any kind of scale you want with TonePrint. So if you need harmonic minor or whole-tone harmonies, you can craft exactly that. Having quick access to diverse harmony scales makes it simple to enhance your tone for country, rock, metal and any genre.

Save 3 TonePrints for Quick Access to Custom Settings

The Quintessence allows you to save up to three customized TonePrint settings, putting your personalized harmony voices at your feet ready to go. With the three onboard TonePrint slots, you can set up go-to options for different songs or styles. Switching between your customized presets is seamless, ensuring the perfect harmonies are always within reach.


  • 8 default harmonies and 3 TonePrint harmonies
  • 7 diatonic scales and a custom scale setting
  • Expressive MASH technology
  • Intelligent harmony pedal with customizable scales
  • 11 harmony settings and 3 TonePrint slots
  • Latch or momentary footswitch mode
  • True Bypasss or Buffered Bypass
  • Analog-dry-through
  • Key, Scale, Mix, and Harmony controls
  • Easy battery access
  • Small footprint
  • High quality components
  • Road-ready design
  • Stereo In/out