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TC Electronic Skysurfer Mini Reverb Effects Pedal Sky Blue

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Award-winning studio reverb in a compact and rugged pedal.

The TC Electronic Skysurfer Mini Reverb pedal packs legendary studio reverb into a rugged, compact stompbox. Powered by 3 award-winning algorithms—Spring, Plate and Hall—the Skysurfer Mini brings lush, transparent reverbs without compromising your tone. Tailor the decay and shape of your reverb with the Tone knob to perfectly complement your instrument. True bypass switching ensures your dry signal stays pristine when the pedal is off. And the small size, with jacks mounted on top, saves precious real estate on your pedalboard. The Skysurfer Mini Reverb lets you surf gleaming halls, swim cavernous grottos and skim deep oceans of reverb—all without dragging around a bulky unit.

Dial In Iconic Reverb Sounds

The Skysurfer Mini Reverb comes loaded with 3 of TC Electronic's most acclaimed reverb algorithms. Spring emulates splashy, drippy outboard reverb tanks for vintage vibe. Plate recreates the sheen of studio plate reverbs popular in the '60s and '70s. And Hall conjures up everything from subtle ambience to interstellar depths. Each mode shimmers with clarity, lending dimension and space without muddying your core tone. Whether you need a touch of room sound or trippy cascades, the Skysurfer Mini delivers iconic reverb flavors with exceptional realism.

Sculpt Your Reverb Tone

Shape your reverb to complement your tone instead of overpowering it. The onboard Tone knob lets you adjust the decay and EQ of the reverb tail. Cut or boost highs and lows and tweak the sustain to lush up leads, fatten rhythms or add slapback to funky chords. Unlike some budget reverbs, the transparent algorithms prevent excessive coloring of your dry signal. The musical Tone control broadens your creative options without degrading your pure tone.

True Bypass for Clear Signal Chain

The Skysurfer Mini Reverb uses true bypass switching to maintain the integrity of your dry tone. That means when the pedal is off, your signal flows directly from input to output unaltered. The reverb effect is completely removed from the signal chain, avoiding any loss of clarity or high end from unwanted buffering. You get pristine dry tones and huge ambient washes without compromise.