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TELEFUNKEN TF17 Stereo Set Large Diaphragm Condenser Standard


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Masterfully engineered for pristine stereo recording.

Experience the clarity and precision of the Telefunken TF17 stereo condenser microphone set. Designed for high-fidelity recording, the matched TF17 mics provide a focused stereo image and extended low-end response to capture the subtle details of any acoustic source. With their iconic German-inspired character and modern FET design, these large-diaphragm condensers give you a fast transient response, high SPL handling and low self-noise so you can track confidently in any situation.

Robust and Responsive

Don't let the vintage-inspired style of the TF17 mics fool you—they utilize FET circuitry for modern performance. The TF17s handle high sound pressure levels without distortion for recording loud sources like drums, amplifiers or brass instruments. They also have an ultrafast transient response to preserve the attack of any source. Self-noise is exceptionally low, allowing you to boost gain for subtle details without raising the noise floor. The TF17s give you the best of classic and contemporary microphone technology in one elegant package.

Premium Sound, Accessible Price

While Telefunken is renowned for their high-end vintage-inspired microphones, the TF17 stereo set delivers their signature sound at an affordable price point. For small studios and musicians looking to upgrade to a professional stereo condenser microphone, the TF17 offers stunning performance and value. Add depth and dimension to your recordings with these meticulously-crafted German mics.


High fidelity stereo matched pair condenser mics Fast transient response extended lows bold mids smooth highs Iconic German-inspired sound modern FET circuitry High SPL handling low self-noise rich focused stereo image