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Theo Wanne BRAHMA Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece 7* Gold


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Small chamber mouthpiece for versatile tones on tenor saxophone.

The Theo Wanne BRAHMA tenor is a super-full-bodied small chamber mouthpiece that uses the best features of vintage mouthpieces but updates them with Theo’s modern design technologies. Straight sidewalls mean that the inner walls (inner-sides) of the mouthpiece are flat, which creates a very focused sound. The BRAHMA is unique in that the flat sidewall extends back into the chamber in an elliptical pattern. Theo's proprietary "bullet" drop off baffle is also called a ‘bullet chamber' and is at the transition of the back of the baffle into the chamber. A unique ‘elongated-oval’ shape was used for the BRAHMA to enhance the already focused sound. The arced lines you see on the baffle of the mouthpiece is the shark-gill-baffle, which works on the physics principle of 'boundary layer effect', similar to the effect of dimples on a golf ball, which allow the golf ball to travel further through the air. The golf ball dimples suck air behind the golf ball, so the golf ball does not ‘drag’ an air pocket while it travels. In a similar way, the shark-gills disturb the airflow, removing air pockets in the mouthpiece. The airstream can then flow closer to the inner walls of the mouthpiece and instrument for much greater dynamics from soft to loud, and an overall fuller sound.


  • Great for almost every musical style including ballads, jazz and rock
  • Massive sound, while also being 'dark' and vintage sounding at the same time
  • Unique sound/design maximizing the potential of airflow
  • Radical proprietary Small-Stadium-Chamber and patented Shark-Gill chamber
  • Flat side walls and uniquely shaped roll-over baffle
  • Crafted to the highest accuracy in the history of saxophone mouthpieces
  • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage and new mouthpieces