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Theo Wanne Theo Wanne BRAHMA Soprano Mouthpiece - Hard Rubber #6 6


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The Theo Wanne BRAHMA mouthpiece brings soprano sax into a new era. Combining the best of vintage designs with radical new technologies, the BRAHMA delivers a supremely versatile tone that excels across musical genres. Its revolutionary twisted-wall and shark-gill interior shape the sound with a dark, rich character reminiscent of old-school hard rubber mouthpieces. Manufactured with meticulous precision from pure 1930s-style hard rubber and hand-finished to perfection, the BRAHMA gives you exceptional accuracy of intonation. The proprietary small-stadium chamber provides tremendous projection for cutting through any band. Flat sidewalls and a patented roll-over baffle imbue your sound with fullness and sparkle. With the BRAHMA, you get a soprano sax mouthpiece that does it all—from lush ballads to raucous rock and roll.

Revolutionary Design Brings Vintage Soul to the Modern Age

At the core of the BRAHMA is its revolutionary interior design, which shapes your tone with vintage character unlike any other contemporary mouthpiece. The one-of-a-kind twisted walls and shark gill baffle give the BRAHMA its signature dark, rich sound reminiscent of old-school hard rubber mouthpieces from the 1930s-1950s. This ingenious geometry maximizes air flow while retaining the fullness you expect from a small-chamber soprano mouthpiece. The result is a remarkably versatile tone that sounds sublime whether you're playing a gentle ballad or belting out a rock anthem.

Meticulous Manufacturing for Flawless Intonation

The BRAHMA is crafted from the highest-grade hard rubber and made with meticulous precision for unparalleled accuracy of pitch and intonation. Using pure hard rubber with no additives or carbon black, each mouthpiece is formed and finished by hand. Theo Wanne utilizes the most cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to ensure every BRAHMA is reproduced to exacting specifications. You can trust your BRAHMA to deliver the precise intonation your music demands across all registers.

Custom Stadium Chamber Provides Powerful Projection

The BRAHMA's radically designed small-stadium chamber gives your playing tremendous projection, allowing your soprano sax to cut through any musical texture. Shaped like a football stadium, this proprietary chamber provides focused resonance that carries your sound to the back of the room. The stadium chamber works in harmony with the elliptical window to direct airflow efficiently for optimized volume and power. Let your solos soar with the robust projection of the BRAHMA's innovative chamber design.

Top-Tier Accessories for Peak Performance

The BRAHMA comes with premium accessories for peak performance. Its included enlightened ligature is rated the #1 ligature in the world for unmatched response and resonance. The patented reed replacer cap shields your tip and table from damage when storing your prized mouthpiece. With the BRAHMA soprano sax mouthpiece and its top-tier accessories, you have an unbeatable setup ready to bring out your best.